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Welcome to the Comments and Suggestions page for the Wyndham Robertson Library. This page holds all suggestions, along with our responses. Please submit suggestions to, and let us know whether you are a Hollins:

  • undergraduate student
  • graduate student
  • faculty member
  • staff member
  • other community member.

Thank you.

Posted by: wyndhamrobertson | December 18, 2013

Candy in the Library

Here’s My Suggestion/Idea:

Candy always available! Please :)

Status (please circle one): undergraduate student

I am happy to hear that you enjoy candy when it’s available!

Our reply:

Unfortunately the library can’t afford to have candy all the time. :(
When we do have candy it’s because we’ve had an event or it’s a certain time of the year (e.g. FYS Scrabble Run, Halloween, etc) and we try to make it the good stuff – things like individually wrapped chocolate, Starburst, or suckers.

If we have actual food (not candy) leftover from an event we always put it out near the checkout desk – be on the lookout for that when you’re walking in/out of the library!

Rebecca Seipp
Outreach & Humanities Librarian

Posted by: wyndhamrobertson | October 22, 2013

Electrical Outlets in the Library

Date: 10/14/2013

Here’s My Suggestion/Idea: 

The electrical sockets in this building, particularly next to the carrels, are a pain and I fear potentially dangerous. Regardless – this is a beautiful place and I think the sockets’ replacement is the right thing to do.


Our reply: 

 Thank you for voicing your concern. We’ve asked our custodial staff to vacuum the ground outlet boxes, to keep them free from dust and dirt.

 Aside from this, you can take comfort in knowing that our building is regularly and fully inspected by the Fire Marshal for Roanoke County and so far, our electrical outlets have been deemed appropriate and safe.

 Your note did not mention a particular malfunction or damage. If such problems are apparent with an outlet or any other equipment in the building, please alert our staff immediately. 


Maryke Barber, Public Services Librarian

Posted by: wyndhamrobertson | March 8, 2013

Castle in the Air (Title request)

Date:  2/17/13

 Here’s My Suggestion/Idea: Can y’all order Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones, please? Howl’s Moving Castle was great, so I think that its sequel would be a good addition to the library. Thank you for your time!

  Status (please circle one):  undergraduate student

 Our answer: And thank you for taking the time to write to us ! That looks like it would be a good addition, both for our readers and for the MFA students who study young adult literature. We’ve ordered a copy.

Posted by: wyndhamrobertson | March 8, 2013

Request to Start a Zine Library

Date:  01/21/13

 Here’s My Suggestion/Idea: Would it be possible to start a zine library at Hollins? Zines generally cost about $1-$8 a piece. A great website to look for them is

Ideas for purchase:

  • Trans(in)formation – Kelly shortandqueer
  • Nations of immigrants, a nation of conquerors
  • A brief history of globalization
  • The life and time of butch dykes
  • Great anarchists

Really anything would be great. It would be nice to have the power of independent voices on campus.

 Status (please circle one):  undergraduate student

 Our Answer: Thank you for that suggestion. We also like independent voices, and we’ve put this on our wish list for future projects. It may not happen tomorrow, but know that we will give this serious consideration, and we also appreciate the title suggestions.


Maryke Barber – Arts & Outreach Librarian

Posted by: wyndhamrobertson | December 10, 2012

Request to stay open later

Date:  12/1/12

Here’s My Suggestion/Idea: It is very difficult when the library closes at midnight and I have to move space to get back into study mode. Is there any way it could even be open until 1 am? Or at least open later the last few weeks of school. Could students volunteer to sit so it could stay open later and work study students do not have to do it? I understand the materials need to be protected. And since our library is staffed by students 24 hr. is unrealistic.
Or at least it could be open later on weekends? Until maybe 8 or 9 pm.

Status (please circle one):  undergraduate student

Our Answer:

Thank you for your request. We keep all requests for a different schedule of opening hours, and consider them when we create our schedule for the next year.

The short answer to your questions is that we cannot change our schedule, because we cannot increase our staff. We are currently open for those hours that usage statistics tell us are the busiest (and therefore the most needed). Our current schedule makes the most out of our current allotment of student employees as provided to us via federal financial aid. Unfortunately, this allotment has been cut rather drastically over the past few years; so far we have been able to maintain our opening hours despite these cutbacks.

As for your suggestion of volunteer labor, past experiences with volunteers suggest that we can only rely on paid staff when it comes to providing consistent library hours.

Do know that we work very carefully to make the most out of our resources, and this also applies to scheduling. Usage statistics suggest that usage after midnight on weekdays, and on Friday/Saturday nights, would be extremely low. We could not justify scheduling staff for hours during which the building would too often be empty.

The good news: we do offer longer hours and one 24-hour period at the end of the semester, as you have requested. Starting the week before exams, and continuing through reading day and exams, we extend our hours to give you more time. Here’s the schedule:

DEC. 9 –13: UNTIL 2:00 AM


DEC. 15 – 17: UNTIL 2:00 AM

– Maryke Barber, Outreach & Arts Librarian

Posted by: wyndhamrobertson | December 10, 2012

Subscription suggestion: High Times

Date:  11/28

Here’s My Suggestion/Idea: We should subscribe to High Times magazine (for the articles).

Status (please circle one):  Staff member

Our Answer:

We appreciate the suggestion, but the Wyndham Robertson Library would not be comfortable subscribing to High Times magazine in the current legal and regulatory environment. Given that marijuana (possession and cultivation) remains illegal in the state of Virginia and is also prohibited by Hollins University policy, we do not feel a subscription is in the library’s or university’s best interests, particularly when we do not currently see a clear and strong tie-in between the magazine and the HU academic program.

That said, I also want to make clear, the Wyndham Robertson Library does understand and appreciate the library’s critical importance as a forum for all types of information and ideas. We believe in the Library Bill of Rights, adopted and affirmed by the American Library Association, and we do make every attempt to provide resources “for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves.” However, when a resource promotes an activity in conflict with the laws of the state and the policies of the Hollins community, then we must also consider those regulations.

-Luke Vilelle, Acting University Librarian

Posted by: wyndhamrobertson | November 7, 2012

Films About Africa

Date:  7/17/12

 Here’s My Suggestion/Idea: 

 Could we please have some (more) African films, documentaries, e.g. Mt. Kilimanjaro, Sarafina, Shuga. Just positive films about African countries. It amazes me how little people in this college know about Africa and its countries. Ask someone about Africa and they just say ridiculous things that’s just dangerous. Thank you.

  Status (please circle one):  undergraduate student

 Thank you for your suggestion. While the primary function of our collection is to support coursework at Hollins, we understand your concern about providing a fair representation of your home continent to our community. We took a look and have added a few titles since your request, including in fiction films Sarafina, Bamako, Karmen Gei, Kinyarwanda, No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and in documentaries In My Genes, and The First Grader. We’ll continue to keep an eye out for African films.

Unfortunately Shuga does not seem to be available on DVD, and an email I sent to the production company to ask about its availability has gone unanswered. As for the film about Mount Kilimanjaro, there are many – can you please get back to us to let us know which title you were interested in?

 Thank you,

Maryke Barber, Arts Liaison & Outreach Librarian

Posted by: wyndhamrobertson | November 7, 2012

Extended checkouts for TV shows

Date:  9/26/12

 Here’s My Suggestion/Idea:  Hey, love that you guy have DVD collection but it would be nice if you extended the check-out time, especially with TV shows. As a student its kind of hard to watch anentire season in 3 days and go to class and do h.w. Just a suggestion.

Love, Anne Marie

 Status (please circle one):  undergraduate student

 Hi Anne Marie, thanks for the suggestion. The 3 day film limit helps us keep films circulating and available to as many people as possible (to imagine the alternative, think of having to wait 4 weeks to get your hands on The Hunger Games)  – as for TV shows , at the moment our system cannot isolate those to have a different check-out period from films.

 You have some options though: first of all, you can renew films once, online; then after six days when you bring the film back, if no one has requested to use it you can check it out for another three days plus another renewal – and so on.
As for balancing your series episodes with class and homework, that is indeed a tough one. May I suggest the following e-book: Stress & time management: the easy step by step guide (Rowmark, 2000), available via the online catalog.

Respectfully yours,

Maryke Barber, Arts Liaison & Outreach Librarian

Posted by: wyndhamrobertson | July 4, 2012

Gift Offer

Date:  6/24

Here’s My Suggestion/Idea: I notice the children’s lit section is missing a number of great old children’s books. (Not old children – books that are old and for children). Are donations welcome? If I found a decent copy of Rinkitink in Oz or Time Machine to the Rescue – and gave it to the library – would you find that wonderful and useful, or more of an “ehhh….”?

Status (please circle one):  graduate student

Thank you for your generous offer. Unfortunately, the library is short staffed this year, and in order for us to be able to continue managing new acquisitions we have had to make the decision to decline all gifts.

We will certainly make a note of your recommended titles, for consideration for addition to the collection in the future. We  appreciate your thinking of us.

Best wishes,

Luke Vilelle, Acting University Librarian.

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